karl chueiri heding

"four vortices"
Guitar. SuperCollider. MS-20 Synthesizer.

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    Sep 2020.
    “Den Nye Virkelighed: En Covid- 19 Performance” at Villa Kultur during Aaben Festival.

    Sound and light installation that invites the audience to contemplate their relationship with death in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The piece is based on statistics of world wide death rate and the estimates of the daily percentages of COVID-19 related deaths. Every time a person dies a sound is heard and the lights go out.

    sound: Karl Heding

    light: Igor Halicki

    'Du skal jo bare sige til'

    Sep 2020.
    “Den Nye Virkelighed: En Covid- 19 Performance” at Villa Kultur during Aaben Festival.

    choreography & performance: Sofus Dreyer, Martin Laurits, Maria-Louisa Mastellone Ottesen, Malvina Miranda Schirmer, Helene Ridderberg, Martha Elisabeth Zingraff Vesterskov

    music: Karl Heding

    light: Igor Halicki

    photography: Nanna Ferslev Andersen

    Cross-Art Live

    Dec 2018.
    An attempt to reconcile different forms of performing arts.

    Artists must improvise together within their arts, at the same time and in the same place. The art genres must merge and become a single piece of art.

    Nina Rose: Painting and drawing

    Nina Molbaek Teisen: Poetry slammer

    Sandro Masai: Dancer and performance artist

    Karl Heding: Musician and composer

    more info on Projekt: Vækstlag 9000


    Performance: Sandro Masai
    Music: Karl Heding

    What is family bonding?
    Is it a natural or a social construction?

    BOND(s) is a butoh dance performance that proposes a reflection on emotional bonding.

    Photos: Scott William Raby & Rikke Ehlers Nilsson
    3 November 2018, Galleri Bloody Milk
    Commissioned by Big Shark.

    SONICAKT - Master's Thesis


    SONICAKT - Interactive Music Listening Interfaces on the Web is my Thesis for Aalborg University's MSc programme in Sound and Music Computing.

    I wanted to explore the possibilites of interactivity in our everyday listening experiences of recorded music material.

    Visit sonicakt.dk to try the SNCKT Interfaces yourself!

    Thetapia Force 4Hz


    A(Noise)V Performance at Aalborg Surreal

    by Bjørn Thorlacius and Karl Heding

    "The audio visual performance was performed with such a force that the whole audience, including organizers and bartenders, ended up listening from outside the venue."

    field work


    Opening performance by Art Ex Machina at LAND-SHAPE festival.

    Sound Designer/Performer.

    Tremor or: How I Learned Not To Be Nervous


    Morten Poulsen.

    I had to opportunity to work with Morten Poulsen (Sound Artist / Musician) as a technical assistant for his art piece.

    more info on the piece here.

    Café Hypno

    An audio visual performance seeks to unravel the depths of hypnoid states.
    By: Karl Heding, Bjørn Thorlacius, and Laszlo Szabo

    later presented at Aalborg Surreal 2016.



    SPACE ECHO (Sam Sernavski / Karl Heding)

    Performance at Øbro Jagtvej Bibliotek , Copenhagen Denmark as a part of the interactive new media art event "SYNTETISK" on 14th of May.

    Live Improvisation with audience participation. Members were given access to WiiRemotes acting as MIDI controllers to various Digital Instruments. Enabling even audience members without any prior musical training, to participate in the performance and improvise the music with the musicians.

    Interface Design for "SYNTETISK"


    I was responsible for the Design of the Sonic and Visual Interactive Interfaces for the event SYNTETISK.

    WiiRemotes are used as MIDI interfaces that control the sound parameters of various Digital Musical Instruments created in Ableton Live. The WiiRemotes are also used as controllers of visual processes in Processing.

    Acoustic Guitar Augmentation


    Guitar processed in SuperCollider . Sounds played back through sound-drivers (vibration speakers) attached to the body of the guitar. An integration of acoustic and electronic sound in one single instrument.

    Inspiration from Otso Lähdeoja. My appraoch makes use of a single-coil pickup, it does not provide the numerous advantages of using hexaphonic pickups (as seen in Otso's work). However, I believe it makes for a more acessible solution for the interested musician.

    In the video all the recorded sounds were emanated from the guitar's body. No post production.

    Musical result heard in SoundCloud.

    Sympathy For The A.I.


    Performance at Mørke Dage.


    let there be fire

    set in a decommissioned bank vault.

    "... consists of thirteen small pieces all surrounding the same theme and together becoming one total installation that delivers a metaphorical world where economy is represented by fire and the flame with the currency as fuel for that fire." Art & Technology




    March 2018.

    Piece created for Sound Photography by Cities & Memory.

    The biggest ever worldwide artistic interaction between photographers and sound artists, covering 34 countries and six continents with sound pieces inspired by photographs.

    Photography: Emma Courtland - Sathani Rotfai Krung Thep, the main railway station in Bangkok.

    "I wanted this piece to contain a soundscape interpreting the space in this image, reflecting on the architecture and it’s aesthetics. With music inspired by traditional music of Thailand such as Piphat and Mor Lam, celebrating the many passengers and their journeys. The composition uses guitar, field recordings (crowd), analog synthesis and sound processing to reimagine the sound of trains and the instruments used in Thai music."

    telegraph pole


    These are a series of sonic pieces done as part of ’the fencepost reclamation project’.

    Various artists provide sonic reinterpretations for a series of field recordings.

    Bio and CV

    Karl is a Brazilian-born composer, sound artist & technician currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Navigating at the intersection of Art & Technology, with experience working from conceptualization and development to the presentation and performance of works. Often using software programming environments to design custom interactive systems for compositions, performances and installations. Karl currently works as a sound designer and technician for theatre and other performing arts.

    karlheding31@gmail.com | +45 40402709


    2014-2017 - Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering in Sound and Music Computing, Aalborg University

    2011-2014 - Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Art & Technology, Aalborg University

    2006-2009 - Colégio Politécnico Bento Quirino - Polytechnic College, Technic in Mechatronics


    2023 - Juliet's Birthday Bash - Interactive Food Theatre play produced by HamletScenen (Composer & Technician)

    2022 - LAYERS: Performative Tours @ Den Hirschprungske Samling - Ejnar Nielsen - Signs of Life (Composer, Sound Design and Sound Installation ‘Dandelion’)

    2022 - Afgørende Øjeblikke: Mozarts Requiem - Third Ear Podcast, Dark Matters, CPH Phil & KBHs Drengekor @ Konservatoriets Koncertsal (Software and audio consultant & Sound Engineer)

    2022 - ‘Berghain’ by M. I. Berg, dir. J. M. Thomas - immersive theatre play produced by Down The Rabbit Hole. (Sound Technician & Performer)

    2021 - Copenhagen Short Film Festival '21: Live foley performance w. Kiruna Sound Dept. (Composer, Foley Artist, Performer & Sound Technician)

    2021 - ‘Berghain’ by M. I. Berg, dir. J. M. Thomas - immersive theatre play produced by HIT-CPH. (Sound Technician)

    2021 - ‘Feminine Octagon’ by A. G. van Wijk, dir. J. O’Hara Baker - theatre play produced by HIT-CPH. (Composer, Sound Design & Technician)

    2021 - Sound technician for guest productions of ‘Glory Box’ and ‘Hot Meat’ art residency presented by HIT-CPH during Queer Theatre Festival.

    Karl Chueiri Heding (live) Year 22 presents "That Special Method of Prayer" @MenueCPH (Composer & Performer).

    2021 - ‘Southern Bedfellows’ by R. McCarthy, dir. C. Berdal - theatre play produced by HIT-CPH. (Composer, Sound Design & Technician)

    2021 - Sound technician for guest productions of ‘ ’Rapture’ and ‘White Plague' theatre plays presented by HIT-CPH during CPH-Stage.

    2021 - Audio Walk - Darsena Grand Tour #1 Dinamico with Panda Project collaboration with Sguardi in Camera, FrameLAB Multimedia & Digital Storytelling - Dipartimento di Beni culturali - Università di Bologna (Composer & Sound Designer)

    2021 - ‘Harry Clarke’ by D. Cale, dir. J. Sherlock - theatre monologue produced by House of International Theater live streamed during Winter Pride 2021 (Composer, Sound Design)

    2020 - ‘The Effect’ by L. Prebble, dir. C. Hayes - theatre play produced by Copenhagen Theatre Circle (Composer, Sound Design & Technician)

    2020 - House of International Theatre production of ‘The Shy Manifesto’ and ‘Harry Clarke’ monologues (Composer, Sound Design & Technician)

    2020 - ‘Du skal jo bare sige til’ physical theatre performance for CaptureThis collective’s exhibition at Villa Kultur during Aaben Festival (Composer, Performer & Technician)

    2020 - ‘Breath’ sound and light installation for CaptureThis collective’s exhibition at Villa Kultur during Aaben Festival (Artist, Composer & Technician)

    2019 - House of International Theatre production of ‘Last Tango in Little Grimley’ (Composer, Sound Design & Technician)

    2019 - House of International Theatre production of ‘The Clean House’

    2019 - In Night Time Language - Aalborg Surreal

    2018 - Cross-Art Live - Projekt: Vækstlag 9000

    2018 - BONDS(s) Galleri Bloody Milk Commissioned by Big Shark

    2017 - into the spectral parade - Live at Aalborg Surreal

    2016 - "SYNTETISK" - Øbro Jagtvej Bibliotek

    2016 - Hypnostation AV performance - Aalborg Surreal

    2016 - field work - with Art Ex Machina at LAND-SHAPE festival

    2015 - Sympathy for the A.I - Mørke Dage